Americana Radio Albums Chart (AMA) Electric Blue Dandelion Nashville Sessions

Americana Radio Albums Chart (AMA) with over 100 stations spinning Electric Blue Dandelion Nashville Sessions!

Raveis Kole's latest release: "Electric Blue Dandelion - Nashville Sessions" is in its 12th week on the Americana Radio Albums Chart.  The Chart is fronted by the Americana Music Association which also hosts the annual AMERICANAFEST in Nashville, TN each fall.  The album is spinning on over 100 terrestrial radio stations (listed below) and on over an additional 100 indie stations, totaling over 200 stations worldwide!   

l to r; Bill Wence, Laurie Raveis & Dennis Kole
Nolensville, TN





What is Americana Music? 

Americana is an amalgam of American music formed by the confluence of the shared and varied traditions that make up the musical ethos of the United States, specifically those sounds that are merged from folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, gospel, and other external influences.  Americana, as defined by the Americana Music Association (AMA), is "contemporary music that incorporates elements of various mostly acoustic American roots music styles, including country, roots rock, folk, gospel and bluegrass resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound that lives in a world apart from the pure forms of the genres upon which it may draw. While acoustic instruments are often present and vital, Americana also often uses a full electric band."  Source Wiki 

Americana is a wide umbrella as shown by the 2019 Grammy nominees for Best Americana Album which included, "By The Way, I Forgive You" by Brandi Carlile (who was also nominated for Best Song); "Things Have Changed" by Bettye LaVette, known primarily as an R&B artist; "The Tree Of Forgiveness by John Prine"; "The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone" by Lee Ann Womack, known primarily as a country artist: and "One Drop Of Truth" by The Wood Brothers, who have been compared to jam bands like Phish and the Grateful Dead. 

Is Raveis Kole Americana Music? 

Yes and more, depending on who you ask.  Raveis Kole is inspired by all genres of music. In their latest album, Laurie and Dennis showcase their fringe Americana appeal by adding in jazz and world elements.  "It Must Be Ok (We Starve)" offers beautiful jazz harmony and chords, "Aloha" includes Celtic tonality, rhythmic drones, and Eastern European elements while "Precipice Forgiveness (Flow is On)" showcases a Middle Eastern mystery vibe.   

Americana radio stations spinning, "Electric Blue Dandelion - Nashville Sessions"  

Black Eyed N Blues Show Hartford, CT 
WMNR (FM) Monroe, CT  
WGRS (FM) Monroe, CT  
WGSK (FM) Monroe, CT  
WRXC (FM) Monroe, CT  
WHUS (FM) Storrs, CT  
WERS (FM) Boston, MA 
WMBR (FM) Cambridge, MA  
WJDF (FM) Gardner, MA  
WUML (FM) Lowell, MA 
WERU (FM) East Orland, ME  
WMPG (FM) Portland, ME  
WFDU (FM) Teaneck, NJ  
WCVF (FM) Fredonia, NY  
WKNY (FM) Kingston, NY 
WRIU (FM) Kingston, RI 
The Boudin Barndance, RI  
WGDR (FM) Plainfield, VT  

WVLS (FM) Monterey, VA 
WVMR (AM) Monterey, VA 
WCHG (FM) Monterey, VA 
WVLS (AM) Monterey, VA 
WNMP (FM) Monterey, VA 

AMI Radio (AM) Bradenton Beach, FL  
WJCT (FM) Jacksonville, FL  
Country (Internet) Lake Placid, FL  
WFIT (FM) Melbourne, FL  
WLRN (FM) Miami, FL 
WMNF (FM) Tampa, FL 
AMA 441 (Internet) Carlton, GA 
WRFG (FM) Villa Rica, GA  
Public Radio East (FM) New Bern, NC 

Wildman Steve (Internet) Auburn, AL  
KASU (FM) State University, AR  
WETS (FM) Johnson City, TN  
Radio Free Nashville (FM) Nashville, TN  

Upper Midwest  
Silent Storm Radio (Internet), Saginaw, MI 
KUMD (FM) Duluth, MN  
KAXE (FM) Grand Rapids, MN  
KBXE (FM) Grand Rapids, MN  
KFAI (FM) Minneapolis, MN  
WOJB (FM) Hayward, WI  
WWSP St. Point, WI  

Iowa Public Radio (FM) Cedar Falls, IA  
KUNI (FM) Cedar Falls, IA  
KRUU (FM) Fairfield, IA  
WEFT (FM) Champaign, IL  
The Midnight Special WFMT (FM) Chicago, IL 
WGCS (FM) Goshen, IN  
WHAY (FM) Whitley City, KY  
KOPN (FM) Columbia, MO  
KKFI (FM) Kansas City, MO  
KDHX (FM) St. Louis, Mo  
KZUM (FM) Lincoln, NE  
WBGU (FM) Bowling Green, OH 
WRUW (FM) Cleveland, OH  
WYSO (FM) Yellow Springs, OH  

KBRP (FM) Bisbee, AZ  
KXCI (FM) Tucson, AZ  
KUNM (FM) Albuquerque, NM  
KCIE (FM) Dulce, NM  
KGLP (FM) Gallup, NM  
KBAC (FM) Santa Fe, NM  
HPPR (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KCSE (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KZNK (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KZCK (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KZNZ (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KANZ (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KZAN (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KGUY (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KJJP (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KTXP (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KTDH (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KTOT (FM) Amarillo, TX  
KOOP (FM) Austin, TX  
KEOS (FM) College Station, TX  
KNON (FM) Dallas, TX 
KTEP (FM) El Paso, TX 
KPET (FM) Houston, TX  
KPFT (FM) Houston, TX  
KSYM (FM) San Antonio, TX 

Rocky Mountain  
KAJX (FM) Aspen, CO  
KGNU (FM) Boulder, CO  
KGNU (AM) Boulder, CO 
KDNK (FM) Carbondale, CO  
KBUT (FM) Crested Butte, CO  
KDUR (FM) Durango, CO  
KCSU (FM) Fort Collins, CO 
KRFC (FM) Ft. Collins, CO  
KAFM (FM) Grand Junction, CO  
KVNF (FM) Paonia, CO  
KOTO (FM) Telluride, CO  
KBSU (FM) Boise, ID 
KBSU (AM) Boise, ID 
KZMU (FM) Castle Valley, UT  

Far West  
KPFA (FM) Berkeley, CA 
KFCF (FM) Berkeley, CA  
KDVS (FM) Davis, CA  
KUBU (Internet) Fair Oaks, CA  
KUBU (FM) Fair Oaks, CA  
KPFK (FM) Los Angeles, CA 
KVMR (FM) Nevada City, CA  
KZYX (FM) Philo, CA  
KMUD (FM) Redway, CA 
Semi-Twang Sacramento, CA 
KWMR (FM) Point Reyes Station, CA  
KMUD (FM) Redway, CA  
KRCB (FM) Rohnert Park, CA  
KCBX (FM) San Luis Obispo, CA  
KCSB (FM) Santa Barbara, CA  
KKUP (FM) Santa Clara, CA 
KCRW (FM) Santa Monica, CA  
KZSU (FM) Stanford, CA  
KCSS (FM) Turlock, CA  
Dream Weaver (Internet) Kihei, HI  
KMNO (FM) Kihei, HI  

KKCR (FM) Hanalei, HI 
KAQA (FM) Kilauea, HI 

KUAC (FM) Fairbanks, AK  
KHNS (FM) Haines, AK 
KBBI (AM) Homer, AK  
KRNN (FM) Juneau, AK  
KTOO (FM) Juneau, AK  
KMXT (FM) Kodiak, AK 
KSMF (FM) Ashland, OR 
KBSU (FM) Boise, ID  
KBSU (AM) Boise, ID  
KMUN (FM) Astoria , OR  
KTCB (FM) Astoria , OR  
KRVM (FM) Eugene, OR  
Ocean Beach Radio (Internet) Newport, OR  
KBOO (FM) Portland, OR  
American Boogie Radio (FM), Salem, OR 
KMUZ (FM) Salem, OR  
KBCS (FM) Bellevue, WA  
KAOS (FM) Olympia, WA  
Radio Crystal Blue (Internet) Tacoma, WA  
KWCW (FM) Walla Walla, WA  
KCOR (Internet) Walla Walla, WA 

British Columbia 
CiTR (FM) West Vancouver, BC 
CiTR (FM) West Vancouver, BC 

Indie Radio stations worldwide spinning "Electric Blue Dandelion Nashville Sessions" here

Learn more about the album here

Thank you to Bill Wence and Lauren Martino! 

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