In the Moment - April 28, 2023 Release

Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole, husband/wife duo Raveis Kole photo by Awah aka Laurie Raveis

In the Moment

Raveis Kole

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Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole met by jamming together at a music festival in Montana a decade ago. So it made perfect sense that the pair, now married and comprising the singing-songwriting duo Raveis Kole, should get back to the simplicity of playing and singing together on their enchanting new album In the Moment.

Playing everything on the album

Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole met by jamming together at a music festival in Montana a decade ago. So it made perfect sense that the pair, now married and comprising the singing-songwriting duo Raveis Kole, should get back to the simplicity of playing and singing together on their enchanting new album In the Moment.

Playing everything on the album themselves, the duo worked with producer Matt Smith in Austin to add texture through instrumental experimentation—embellishing their songs with banjo, ukulele, lap steel, harp guitar, cavaquinho, tambourine, shakers and foot drums. They whistle and mimic horns with their voices to up the colorful ante. “It’s exciting for the two of us to create this full sound,” Raveis explains. “It’s a challenge to be able to do all these things, to bring in different colors, textures and harmonies to create the right vibe for the lyrics and still be locked in."

Penning pandemic-inspired tunes started to lose its luster for Raveis Kole. “The times are what they are,” says Kole, “but we didn’t want to focus on feelings of loss and isolation; and we wanted to go back to celebrating other people, instead of looking at them as potential disease vectors,” Kole jokes. “Let’s celebrate the importance of other people in our lives, that feeling of being connected to something bigger than yourself.”

The pair decided to create the rhythmic pulse with their acoustic guitars instead of with traditional bass and drums. “The thought was let’s make it more vulnerable, more intimate, less about big production,” Kole says. “Let’s make it about us two. What would it sound like if you came to see us at a concert or event? Sort of the stripped-down version of things. This album, as a whole, is our most authentic, unfiltered, intimate work to date. We are out there exposed. We aren’t relying on session musicians to come out there and give us protection.”

Raveis Kole also kept things lively on In the Moment, their second full-length LP, by changing up styles and moods from song to song. There’s a light-hearted feel to songs like “Sticky and Sweet,” which harkens back to acts like The Roches with its whimsical lyrics juxtaposed against earnest music, and “Kismet,” which might be the funniest duet to celebrate marriage since John Prine & Iris DeMent’s “In Spite Of Ourselves."

Raveis Kole can turn on a dime from cute jokes to moments of breathtaking beauty. “So Nice,” with its soaring melody and gorgeous harmonies, was inspired by a performance the duo did shortly after the pandemic shutdown ended and the gratitude they received from that crowd. "I couldn’t help but reflect on the simplicities of life unfolding,” Raveis says, “that sense of expanded joy because people hadn’t been able to participate fully in life and were almost glowing with excitement to be out, to be together, enjoying live music."

Their scenic hometown of Bellingham, Washington seeped into the songs as well. “Everything here is on a grander level and it’s quite stunning,” Raveis says. “The connection with nature helps ground you and helps you appreciate the present moment, which does flow through many of our songs. That theme of loving connection, of being present and willing to pause and think openly by paying attention, opens up a potpourri of inspirations and seeds the feelings of being a part of something greater than yourself, something shared and universal."

If you listen to Raveis Kole long enough, you might start to feel your own kinship with both nature and other human beings intensified, which is the goal. “While it’s fun to see your name on a Billboard chart, at the end of the day, it’s there and it’s gone and just a nice memory,” Kole says. “What really satisfies me, and the whole reason I got into music in the first place, is that it helps me feel connected to other people. I love music. Music satisfies my desire to be creative and stimulated and challenged, and also gives me the chance to meet other people. Evidence of that was I met Laurie and we connected.”

When the key-changing, boisterous sing-along “Wherever You Go” fades out at the end of In the Moment, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’ve heard something truly unique that stands out in a musical landscape full of derivatives. Kole sums it up best: “We try to be the best version of ourselves and not the second-best version of somebody else.”

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Words and Music by Laurie Raveis (BMI) and Dennis Kole (BMI) 
Published by Bop Records, Raveis Kole, LLC (BMI) 

Laurie Raveis - Vocals, Whistles, Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel, Footdrum, Tamborine 
Dennis Kole - Vocals, Nylon String Guitar, Harp Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Ukulele, Cavaquinho, Shaker 

Produced and Arranged by Laurie Raveis, Dennis Kole and Matt Smith 
Recorded at Six String Ranch, Austin, TX and Bop Studios, Bellingham, WA 
Mixed by Matt Smith, 6 String Ranch, Austin, TX 
Mastered by Nick Landis, Austin, TX

In The Moment
UPC: 860009067226  
Album Length: 32:27 minutes 

Album Art: Awah aka Laurie Raveis  
Photography: Awah aka Laurie Raveis

Licensing: 100% Free  & Clear
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 The couple bask in down-home designs and a playful posture, their carefree serendipity and easy, breezy sentiments taking full focus.’s certainly hard to resist their charms ... As its title suggests, In the Moment is not only a timely effort for today, but one that actually encourages all who hear it to enjoy the brief respite. It offers opportunity to put aside everyday cares and concerns and simply relish some innocent indulgence ...I t invites the repressed child in all of us to find new focus and fulfillment. A fanciful fling, In the Moment is all about time that’s well spent.  - Alternate Root (Lee Zimmerman)

"Laurie Raveis and Dennis Kole have the vocal and songwriting chops that demonstrate how folk is still a vital force in American music. The new album covers a lot of stylistic ground, from the haunting “Glacier” to the life-affirming “So Nice” (a track that features perhaps the best whistling ever recorded). If you’re tired of gimmicky glitch-pop, Raveis Kole reminds us that music of substance is still very much alive."  
Two Story Melody (Larry Mcclaine)

Effortlessly engaging." - It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine 

"Songs explore vulnerability & moods, with whimsical lyrics & harmonies... Laurie’s striking vocal is what’s quickly attractive & evident on tunes like “Sticky & Sweet. The tunes are well-crafted & exuberant. Her tone is punchy & intimate & triggers a sing-along even in people who believe they can’t sing... persuasive & riveting... There’s a welding of folk & progressive rock weaved into ["Glacier"] that’s hauntingly & chillingly effective without being bombastic or pretentious." - Americana Highways (John Apice) 

Sonically and thematically, ‘So Nice’ feels free... uplifting... The chorus melody and harmonies soar, lifting the listeners and bringing light into our days. Such delight is both refreshing and welcome in challenging times." - AmericanaUK 

"Hand claps lend a certain natural punctuation, as the music feels very earthy and traditional. Raveis Kole is onto something we all need, whether we know it or not." - Americana Highways (Melissa Clarke) 

" 'Sticky and Sweet,' a whimsically upbeat album opener is the perfect song to bring us into this post-pandemic spring. It’s a loving song of new beginnings with its gentle whistling intro, Kole’s baritone ukulele, finger-picked guitars and Raveis’ soothing vocals & playful harmonies. It inspires feelings of vacationing on tropical beaches as you lay out in the sun with a cool drink while a soft breeze blows over you." - Vents Magazine 

"This entrancing and melancholy song is a meditative journey through the landscape of the pandemic times: disparate politics, the horrors of war, particularly the war in Ukraine, and a longing to connect with people again on a human level. Through finger-picked guitars, soothing drones and Raveis' angelic voice, they acknowledge that we're all just stardust—lucky to be here at all, sharing this planet, at the same time." - Grateful Web 

"A mixture of meditative, thought-provoking songs as well as more upbeat, uplifting songs." - Tucson Weekly  (Laura Latzco)

"If you would like to become 'instantly' cheerful, we highly recommend the new album 'In The Moment.' ...immediately puts a smile on our faces." - 

"Every note she strums brings a perfect and very cozy musicality to her wonderful guitar. Her soft and sweet voice matches the vibe of the backing vocals that give even more shine to the song... an almost angelic sound." - Roadie Music 

"The song is a visceral and elegant experience, as it is the lyrical painting of an emotional picture of a beautiful view of our changing world." - Radio Castor 

"Their loving and enchanting new album In the Moment [is] about being present, not taking life for granted, and making loving connections with yourself, others and our planet." - Authority Magazine 

" 'Sticky and Sweet' has a very spring-like style, perfect to play while enjoying time with friends. Sweet tones, a pleasant atmosphere, and a style that won't leave you wanting more." - ZoneNights 

"['Bop Bop New Orleans' is] an adorable, and playful ode to New Orleans culture, with luscious, double vocals, sweet acoustic, folk arrangement, and most importantly an authentic, party mood. This duo is not afraid to unleash positive, cheerful vibes that will brighten your days, and gift you with the most effortless smile on your face. Tres Jolie!" - Last Day Deaf 

"The whistling in the song is very catchy... The beautiful lead vocals stand out, adding a more overall depth to this moment." - Nagamag 

"Brings a Joni Mitchell vibe... well crafted songs... They may be doing what [Miley] Cyrus hasn't and writing about deep things in a relationship via metaphor." - The Tablet - article by Brian Morton  Article PDF

"A song of hope and togetherness reminiscent of “Lean On Me,” and presented in the style of boisterous old time tent revival music with banjo, acoustic guitar, hand claps and a chorus that invites everyone to join in." - Frequenze Musicali 

"A song of hope and unity." - Revista Arte Brasileira

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