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Words and Music by Laurie Raveis (BMI) and Dennis Kole (BMI) 
Published by Bop Records, Raveis Kole, LLC (BMI) 

Laurie Raveis: Vocals, Collings Acoustic Guitar  
Dennis Kole: BGVS, Emerald Synergy X20 Harp Guitar

Produced and Arranged by Laurie Raveis, Dennis Kole and Matt Smith 
Recorded at Six String Ranch, Austin, TX and Bop Studios, Bellingham, WA 
Mixed by Matt Smith, 6 String Ranch, Austin, TX 
Mastered by Nick Landis, Austin, TX
Album Art, Design and Photo by Laurie Raveis

Words and Music by Laurie Raveis & Dennis Kole


Ah, ah, ah (Ah ah ah) 

Glacier (Two billion years wise) 
Glacier (All things evolve in time) 

Thunder rolls under my feet
Jump into the middle of 3 tall trees (Glacier) 
Wild horses stream on by 
Through the dusty clouds their freedom shines (Glacier) 
In the rattle in my bones and trembling of my soul 
A new touchstone, I’m going to the sun road  (Glacier) 

Ah, ah, ah (Ah ah ah) 

Towering rock spires jut from the ground 
Crystalline waters reflect, two skies float around (Glacier) 
Where the plains meet the rockies, I’m traveling alone 
I sweep the radio, Howlin Wolf’s working the mojo (Glacier) 

Up, up and up like in a two seater plane 
Sweat beads on my breast with a whirly whoosh of dizziness (Glacier) 

Ah ah ah (Ah ah ah)




Glacier (Ah ah ah) 

In the quiet unheard on top of Logan pass 
I walked to the edge where the mountain scooped in half 
Screech of a hawk 
Rustle of the grass 

In the tingling of my skin as I felt myself in space 
Blood circulates, heart beat in harmony and grace 
Wind caresses 
Mountain listens 

A glacial tide rises and floods my soul 
A thousand glass bottles with old notes 
Push up hard on shores of my heart 
Uncork and embark like a monarch into the valley of 

Ah, ah, ah (Ah ah ah) 

Glacier  (Two billion years wise) 
Glacier (All things evolve in time) 
Glacier (Sun rise to sun set) 
Glacier (Sun set to sun rise)