Independent Radio Stations Worldwide Spin Electric Blue Dandelion Nashville Sessions to propel Raveis Kole into Radio Indie Top 10 Charts!

Independent Radio Stations Worldwide Spin New Project to propel Raveis Kole into Radio Indie Top 10 Charts!  Thank you for the spins and thanks to the fans for requesting our music online with tweets and on-air.

Thank you to Radio Indie Alliance Stations for spinning Aloha (Nashville Sessions) and our cover Wicked Game (Nashville Sessions) featuring roots reggae artist, Eljai.  We love all the chart action and spins! 

CDNX (United Kingdom)
UK Independent (United Kingdom)
Music Authority (Florida)
Belter Radio (United Kingdom)
KZUU (St. Louis)
Soundstreet Radio (Japan/UK)
ICR Radio (United Kingdom)
Oban (Scotland)
Gashouse Radio (Philadelphia)
Indie Scene Radio (USA)
Banks Radio Australia
Valley FM 88.5 (Australia)
EN5 (United Kingdom)
Lonely Oak (USA)
Cullin Radio (United Kingdom)
WMPG (Maine)
Radio VGR (United Kingdom)
The Zone (South Africa)
KKID FM 92.9 (Missouri)
Somer Valley (United Kingdom)
Rock Radio Northern Ireland (Ireland)
Wolfman Radio (United Kingdom)
WTR (New York)
Full Impact (Ohio)
Castledown (United Kingdom)
MDOR (South Caronlina)
Wolf Rock Radio (Ohio)
WMPG (Maine)
WORT (Wisconsin)
KOR Radio (United Kingdom)
Camglen Radio (United Kingdom)
FONR (Iowa)
Secret Weapon (Woody Radio)
Fallsham (UK)
Dandelion (United Kingdom)
Radio Way (United Kingdom)
Big Indie Giant (South Africa)
KCC Live (United Kingdom)
LSR Leeds (United Kingdom)
RKC (France)
Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Aggie Radio (Texas)
Limehead Radio (United Kingdom)
Radio Pepito (Mexico)
FM4 (Germany)
New Visions Radio Network (New York)
KB Radio (Canada)
Radio Ara (Luxemborg)
Biscuit Boys (United Kingdom)
EDA (Scotland)
Lucky Star Radio (Colorado)
KC Cafe Radio (Kansas City)
Future Radio (United Kingdom)
Big Indy Gian (South Africa)
Military Veterans Network (UK)
Merseyland (United Kingdom)
DM Pulse (Iowa)
Monie's New Music (UK)

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