Indie 104 Interview - Los Angeles Mark Maverick

We had a blast talking with Mark Maverick with Over 1 million global listeners tuning in - power of iradioLA / Indie 104 music- During the hour long interview we spoke about how we met, the songwriting process and more…

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Spins Up! #44 on FMQB Top 40 / AC Top 200 Chart

"Electric Blue Dandelion" is spinning across the national airwaves and continues to rise on the commercial stations.  The entire album is tracking on college, community and non-profit stations such as St Augustine, FL - WFCF and Santa Cruz, CA -…Read more

CMJ Radio 200 Chart

Happy to be #5 on WBSD and #18 on Radio CUH in Honolulu, HI along with spins from approximately 100 other stations.  Newly added this week to my old hometown, Boston, WUMB and Austin, TX KOOP.  CMJ Radio 200 chart…

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"Electric Blue Dandelion" Added to 28 Radio Stations this week

This week we were added to 28 non-commercial radio stations. Non-commercial radio stations are comprised of college, community and non-profits stations who play tracks of the entire album.  "Electric Blue Dandelion" is available for listening/buying at, as well as…Read more

"Electric Blue Dandelion" Up 9 spots to #84 on AC Top 200 Radio!

This week, commercial radio continues to add/spin our title track, "Electric Blue Dandelion"! And, adds/spins for non-commercial radio stations (community, non-profit and college) is up, playing the entire album, tracks such as, "Holding onto a Rainbow", "Street Penguins" and "Dawn…

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Radio Stations that Added Electric Blue Dandelion week of Oct 7 !

This week, commercial and non-commercial radio stations (community, non-profit and college) continue to add 
"Electric Blue Dandelion"!  And, our spins for our title track single, "Electric Blue Dandelion", and other album tracks
such as "Street Penguins", "Dawn Breaks Through" and…

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